Friday, December 26, 2008

Top 10 Baby Resource Websites 2008 / 2009


A wealth of resources for parents and parents-to-be. Get expert advice, chat live with other parents, join a birth club to meet parents with similar due dates, check out consumer reports for reviews of baby products, find a baby name, registry for babies, and much more.

Objective reviews of high chairs, car seats, booster seats, strollers, safety gates, monitors, and more. The results are presented in there different price categories. Recommendations are re-evaluated every three months. Also get info on free stuff for parents.

Pages full of information about conception, adoption, and pregnancy, and parenthood. Read advice from an ob-gyn, pediatrician, midwife, and nutritionist. A fetal development timeline, due date predictor, baby name search, recipe center, and much more.

Parenting news, chat and message boards, information on children's books, childbirth choices. "Get local" offers local information on childcare, schooling, local events, and local message boards. Check out MyBabyZone, a personalized calendar that determines the best time to conceive, provides fetal development and pregnancy updates, and functions as a baby photo album and milestone tracker once the baby is born.

Information on fertility, infertility, pregnancy loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, healthy, safety, feeding, and much more. Baby-related news updated daily. Also check out Ask the Expert, where you can consult a nurse midwife, lactation consultant, birth guru, pediatrician, fertility expert, family therapist, dentist, nutritionist, or parenting expert.

News and articles, baby guides, pregnancy clubs (find others due when you are) and baby clubs (find others with children the same age), recipes, birth planners, information on immunizations, a baby shower games, tips on preparing for the baby, and more.

Resources for fathers: Sections for expectant dads, 1st year dads, toddler dads, and lifetime dads. check out especially the section for single dads, with advice and solutions. There's also a section for moms to help their husbands be better fathers, and an Ask Mr. Dad advice column.

Featured articles, updated frequently, as well as general health topics, professional and educational resources, and a parenting corner, where you can find information on immunization and other health/safety issues, or find an AAP pediatrician in your area.

Resources for expectant and new parents. Find out about Lamaze and the Lamaze Philosophies, or search for a Lamaze class in your area. Get information on the latest research about Lamaze. Get the latest Lamaze news with links to articles and advances.

General categorized information on babies.Whether you are looking for information on baby names
, newborn development, gifts, toilet training or just detailed reviews and information on baby stuff - you will find the information that you are looking for.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Top 10 Baby Names 2008 (actually 2007 stats)

Here are the top ten names for both boys and girls as determined by the Social Security Administration records collected in 2007:

Rank Male name
Female name

1 Jacob

2 Michael

3 Ethan

4 Joshua

5 Daniel

6 Christopher

7 Anthony

8 William

9 Matthew

10 Andrew

Note: Rank 1 is the most popular, rank 2 is the next most popular, and so forth. (source: U.S. Social Security Administration)